Saturday, March 24, 2007

County League Rd.2

Cromane 0-06 Ballyduff 1-15

Cromane Seniors were at home to Ballyduff in round 2 of the County League on Saturday evening last. Cromane were comprehensively beaten by the North Kerry Champions who gave a fantastic exhibition of football throughout the hour. Cromane’s cause was not helped by the fact they had to field without a number of key players. Ballyduff had 2 quick point s from play one each from their corner forwards followed by the only goal of the game which defeated Connie Riordan. Cromane then had a point from play from Colin O’Sullivan but was immediately cancelled out by a point from play by Ballyduff’s corner back. Cromane fought back with 2 pointed free’s from Gary McGrath and a point from play from Francis Casey followed by another point from play by Gary McGrath to leave 2 points between the sides. But in the closing stages of the first half Ballyduff kicked 5 points and Cromane’s only reply was a pointed free by Sean O’Sullivan leaving the half time score Ballyduff 1-8 Cromane 0-6.

In the 2nd half Ballyduff completely dominated and kicked 7 unanswered points. Cromane tried but couldn’t cope with the skill and speed of the Ballyduff side. The final score was Ballyduff 1-15 Cromane 0-6.

Team was: Connie Riordan, Michael Teahan, Noel Foley, J. P McCarthy, David Moroney, Colm Joy, John O’Sullivan, Colin Sullivan, Gary McGrath, Sean Walsh, Sean O’Sullivan, Emmet Casey, Maurice O’Shea, Francis Casey, Martin Sweeney. Subs: Niall Dennehy, Anthony Houlihan, Jerome Houlihan, Sean O’Sullivan, Liam Teahan, Liam Walsh, Mike O’Sullivan, Sean Reilly, Noel O’Reilly, John McEnery.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

County League Rd.1

Scartaglin 1-07 Cromane 1-08

Cromane Seniors travelled to Scartaglen on Sunday last in the opening round of this years Co. League. The game was played in atrocious conditions with heavy hailstone showers from the north and a strong wind. Scartaglen had the aid of the wind in the first half but it was Cromane who were first to score and proved the winner with a point by Donnachadh Walsh. Scartaglen dominated the half kicking 5 points including 3 frees. Cromane put a great move together and was finished to the net for a goal by John O’Sullivan. Scartaglen finished the scoring of the half with 2 points one from a free and one from play to leave the half time score 0-7 to 1-1.

In the second half Cromane with the aid of the wind had 2 quick points from play both from Donnachadh Walsh. Mid-way through the half they added to their score with another 2 converted free’s 1 from Gary McGrath and 1 from Donnachadh Walsh. Then came the greatest score of the game which was a point from play from Donnacadh Walsh, followed by a great long range free from Sean O’Sullivan which went over the bar to leave them ahead by 3 points. Gary McGrath put Cromane 4 points ahead with a converted free after Cian O’Keefe was fouled. Scartaglen scored a goal in the closing stages of normal time to leave the minimum between the sides. Scartaglen went all out to find the equaliser but Cromane stood firm and the final score was Cromane 1-8 Scartaglen 1-7.

Cromane: Connie Riordan, Peter O’Reilly, Noel Foley, Fionan Walsh, John O’Sullivan, Colm Joy, Michael Teahan, Donnachadh Walsh, Colin O’Sullivan, Sean O’Sullivan, John Paul McCarthy, Francis Casey, Paul P.O’Sullivan, Gary McGrath, David Moroney. Subs used: Maurice O’Shea, Cian O’Kefee, others were Liam Walsh, Martin Sweeney, Niall Dennehy, Liam Teahan, Emmet Casey, Mike O’Sullivan, Sean O’Sullivan, Noel O’Reilly and Jerome Houlihan.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Mid Kerry League

Cromane 1-4 Beaufort 0-7

Beaufort were visitors to Cromane on Sunday last to play the locals in a back game in Round 2 of the league. Beaufort had the aid of the strong wind in the first half and had a point from a free by Micheal Hallissy. Cromane’s backs were playing well but Beaufort had their 2nd point from play from centre back Michael J O’Connor. Cromane then had a free after Paul P.O’Sullivan was fouled on the 21 metre line which was scored by Maurice O’Shea which was to be there only point of the half. Beaufort added a further 3 points during the half, 3 from play, 1 by Micheal Hallissy and Edwin Kelliher they also had a pointed free from Micheal Hallissy this left the half time score Beaufort 0 - 5 Cromane 0-1.

In the 2nd half Cromane seemed to step up a gear but where cheated the first score when Beaufort’s full forward James O’Reilly scored a point from play to extend their lead to 5 points. Donnachadh Walsh of Cromane was playing an outstanding game at midfield and had to put up with some very harsh treatment as well as some bad referring decisions but went on to score a point from play. Maurice O’Shea then converted a point to bring Cromane back in to the game. But Beaufort pulled a point back against the run of play by James Reilly. Cromane dominated the last 12 minutes of the half with some narrow wides before a great point from play from Sean Walsh. From the resulting kick out Cromane were awarded a 50 metre free which was taken by Donnachadh Walsh and went all the way to the back of Beaufort’s net assisted by a flick on by Sean Walsh. The sides were now level Cromane 1-4 Beaufort 0-7. Both sides had chances of winning the game but were narrowly wide. The final score was Cromane 1-4 Beaufort 0-7.

Cromane: Connie O’Riordan, Fionán Walsh, David Moroney, San O’Reilly, John O’Sullivan, Colm Joy, John Paul McCarthy, Donnacadh Walsh 0-1, Francis Casey, Niall Dennehy, Paul P.O’Sullivan, Cian O’Kefee, Sean Walsh 1-1, Martin Sweeney, Maurice O’Shea 0-2. Subs: Jerome Houlihan for Cian O’Kefee, Colin O’Sullivan for Niall Dennehy.

Beaufort: Mike Moriarty, Patrick O’Sullivan, Robert Doyle, Kevin O’Brien, Gerard Hertnett, Michael J.O’Connor 0-1, Liam O’Sullivan, Thomas O’Hagan, Micheal Hallissey 0-3, Kevin Moriarty, Edwin Kelliher 0-1, Padraig O’Sullivan, Jason Foley, James O’Reilly 0-2, Michéal O’Sullivan.

Referee: Brendan Twiss